Terms & Conditions

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About Aviz Home Healthcare

The team of Aviz Home Healthcare aids you with the specialized services of nurses and attendants at home for elderly care, newborn baby care, and patient care, etc. Caregivers of Aviz Home Healthcare are completely verified and are assigned to the client only after the inspections are done properly including their background audit, past experiences and vice versa.


You can set the appointment with Aviz Home Healthcare by making an inquiry at [email protected] or by calling at 8890960706 and the appointment shall be confirmed only after the response is received by you by the team of Aviz Home Healthcare

Deal with Aviz Home Healthcare

After the client’s inquiry is done with Aviz Home Healthcare, the team of Aviz Home Healthcare verify the latter’s place and the patient’s health status and then finalize the association by making a contract signed. We fix the services on the basis of the locking period of 15 days, so after locking the service you need to disclose all the details of the patient appropriately and you also need to assure that the caregivers of Aviz Home Healthcare will not be troubled in any approach either emotionally or physically and are treated well with dignity and humbleness. On the other hand, Aviz Home Healthcare pledge to serve you with complete determination and commitment. However, Aviz Home Healthcare is not responsible for any misfortune occurrence by the caregivers as the team is already very much sharp and crisp in regards to their surveillance and any kind of criminal or negative activity will be a shock for us as well hence, any kind of adversity are deeply condemned by the company but have no assurance of that and you are agreeing with our terms.

Personalized services

After the appointment has been made by you the team of Aviz Home Healthcare purposely conduct a meeting in which the team analyses the pros and cons of the patient’s health condition, suggest the best treatment possible for the latter’s fast and healthy recovery and then move ahead according to the requirement of the services. If the service is taken for newborn baby care then we arrange a trained and specialized caregiver who is specifically drilled for baby care, same is with elderly care and Parkinson, Paralysis and so on.

Allocations of the caregivers

Caregivers will be allocated to you as per your inclination and preferences and according to the criteria suitable for you however, this is not guaranteed due to the uncertainty of the existing circumstances. Also, it is not fixed that the same caregiver will serve you through the entire tenure; the team may or may not change and replace the caregiver according to the apparent condition.

Layout of Caregivers

Caregivers are assigned to you within 24 to 48 hours after the verifications and agreement process is completed. Caregivers are allotted to you either for 12 hours or 24 hours. The caregivers are not liable to perform any household chores they are only inclined to take care and serve the patient in medical aspects. Aviz Home Healthcare does not provide any caregiver at the time of any festive or national holidays.

Payment policy

Aviz Home Healthcare fixes the appointment on receiving advance payment for the initial lock-in period of 15 days. The payment for renewal of service will also be taken in advance. after completion of the lock-in period. The amount shall be accepted only via cheque or online transaction and can be made through any mode according to your convenience. Aviz Home Healthcare also sends reminder you timely payments via email, SMS, or call.

Cancellation of the service

Aviz Home Healthcare may immediately terminate or cancel the services for some effective issues. Like, due to unavailability of the staff and the termination can be made if we find any misbehavior or rough behavior by your end. The service may also stop immediately if the payment is due for a long time and are not paid despite reminding you for multiple numbers of times.

Refund policy

In case the service is collapsed due to the company’s end then in that circumstances refund will be made to the next 15 to 20 days but during the locking period, if unfortunately, the demise of the patient occurs, then the company will not take any charge to refund the paid amounts.

Patent & Copyright

All the rights of the website and other intellectual properties of Aviz Home Healthcare are reserved; any kind of calamity or mishap will be followed by a strict action by the company.

Note: By grasping all the terms and conditions mentioned above make sure you are agreeing with Aviz Home Healthcare with your all consent and concurrence.