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Nanny for baby care

Complete Care for mother and baby post-delivery. Studies have proved that care for mother and baby can improve bonding and reduce post-partum complications.

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What offered in baby care?

Baby care after post-delivery is very necessary because it is the stage where baby physical, mental and emotional growth occurs.

Also, to safe baby from the diseases and infections proper hygiene and cleanliness should be maintained for keeping baby healthy. The following care will be provided by our baby care attendents.

  • Basic Care
  • Prepare meals and foods
  • Maintain hygiene and cleanliness
  • Organise and take part in leisure activities
  • Ethics and discipline building
  • Maintaining and tracking daily activities
  • Teach Basic Language
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What offered in mother care?

Baby sitting service at home is very beneficial for single mother parent because there is no one there after post-delivery to take care of the mother and baby.

Also, if the mother is working women to earn her living then baby sitting is very beneficial. The following care will be provided to mother after delivery.

  • Creating bond between mother and baby
  • Awareness of lactation and hygiene
  • Education about post-natal care
  • Advice on healthy & nutritious diet in the post-partum period
  • Helping to feed the baby
  • Umbilical cord care
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Baby care at Home by AVIZ

Complete Baby Care and Mother Care at home

Motherwood is the unforgetable and special memory for every mother. But, postnatal time is very difficult time for both mother as well as baby because they need great care and support at this time.

Sometimes for mother it is very stressful situtation because she thinks that whether she is taking care of her baby properly or not if she does not have proper nursing care at home.

That is why AVIZ provides complete nanny baby care as well as mother care service at home.

We Should rememenber that early baby care is the best phase for proper care and physical, mental and emotional growth of the baby. If the mother is single parent then our baby care service at home is very beneficial.

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