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It was never been easier to rent or buy medical equipments at comfort of your home. AVIZ have brought up buying as well as renting medical equipments at comfort of your home.

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Medical Equipments for Care At Home

If your loved ones or you are going through recovery phase then you may have to rely on some of the medical equipments

AVIZ rents or sells variety of medical equipments making healthcare at home more accessible as well as affordable for you.

Some of the most important medical equipments provided by us for recovering patient are given below:

  • Hospital Bed.
  • Wheelchair and walker.
  • Suction machine.
  • Oxygen concentrator and cylinder.
  • CPAP or BiPAP machine.
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Benefits of Medical Equipments Services At Home

After post-hospitalization patients need more care at home so that it reduces the chances of re-hospitalization.

If the patient's wounds or injuries are not cared properly then also it increases the chances of infections. That is why to care properly of the patient important medical equipments are must needed.

  • Reduces chances of hospitalization
  • Stay self dependent
  • Easy to handle
  • Ready to cope with emergency
  • Bring environment of hospital at home
  • Can use on rent no need to purchase
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With AVIZ, you can rent and buy medical equipment right from your own doorstep, just as you have never had it before. In the difficult periods of life you and your loved ones may be dependent on varies medical equipments to return to normal

We have provided the detailed list of the equipments that we provide as follows:

Hospital Bed

Having enlisted the top medical center bed manufacturers and dealers from across Delhi, NCR. AVIZ finds you the most comfortable and relieving results.

Engineering compact designs with advanced technologies, these suffered developers present a wide array of beds used in sickroom for home services. These are easy to assemble and hold a large carrying capacity.

The best medal is pure stainless steel, these beds usually have longer life as compared to other brand hospital beds.

Types of Hostpital Beds

  • Electric Bed
  • Manual Bed
  • ICU Bed (Full Functional Bed)

Features of Hostpital Beds:

  • Can be operated manually as well as electronically
  • Backrest with screw system
  • CRCA strong rectangular pipe for making frame
  • Laminated panels that increases the protection

Syringe Pump

The basic products used and seen in the medical processes are syringe pump to deploy small amount of fluid into patient's body during medical treatments.

AVIZ deals with only top rated brands which are preferred by government as well as most popular doctors.


  • Dispensing / dilution
  • Electro-spinning
  • Electro-spraying
  • Fluid circulation
  • Micro-dialysis
  • Micro-fluidics
  • Organ / tissue perfusion

Above are some of the used processes in which syringe pump is used apart from these many other researchers use syringe pump in chemical and biochemical processes.

Suction Machine

AVIZ is a trusted dealer of Suction Machine in Delhi, NCR. By maintaining an extensive network of leading manufacturers and other suppliers, we guarantee prompt delivery of wholesale and urgent orders in the shortest possible time.

Our machines for suction applications are regulated and imported by several countries. We have the right range for every application and situation, including manual and electric Suction equipment, compact suction equipment and machines, trolley-mounted suction and mobile equipment.

You can view all our suction machines and units and choose the most suitable model according to your requirements. Please provide us with your specific purchasing needs along with quantities to give your desired cost so we can provide you with the best deals.

Features of Suction Machine:

  • Advanced and comprehensive protective design to prevent spillage of reserve solvents and prevent leakage of mucus and pus
  • Proper pump speed and voltage managed
  • Compact design easy to carry as light weight, special especially in external and emergency applications.
  • Large flow, high negative pressure and quiet operation

Oxygen Concentrator

AVIZ is one of the oxygen concentrator suppliers in Delhi, NCR. It is a device that concentrates oxygen from the air. This is usually an electrically powered subatomic sieve (false zeolite) used to separate nitrogen from ambient air.

It can be widely connected in medical facilities at all levels, centers, family health care and nursing centers, medical services for the elderly, mental and biological health professionals. pellets, etc.

Regardless of whether the customer is qualified or not, the customer can use the oxygen concentrator independently of anyone else after reading this manual. Oxygen concentrators can provide a continuous, continuous, sheltered and reliable flow of oxygen that is easy and customizable.

  • The reduced ergonomic contour takes up less space and looks less like a therapeutic gimmick.
  • One of the quietest standard concentrators.
  • No family care provider channel has changed for a long time.
  • Uses less power and delivers less heat, so it's more patient-friendly.
  • There are no channels to edit for the patient.
  • Built-in flow meter reduces unintentional breakage.
  • It contains an hour clock. You can modify the usage hours and the flow rate. It's exceptionally simple to work with.
  • Until further notice, the top of the machine must be opened by tightening the entry with a screwdriver to remove the connector between the machine and the humidifier.
  • The humidifier keeps water at an ideal level among the lowest and harshest levels. Connect the oxygen tube to the humidifier and to other equipment and the person using it. Turn on the machine and change the flow rate of the jet from 0 to 5 liters.

Wheel Chair

In situations where you can't walk on your feet to cover large and small distances, AVIZ offers the best wheelchair ever.

We are committed to providing our most beloved customers with a wide range of folding wheelchairs. These items are fitted with a safety push-pull brake to ensure ease of use.

Customers can enjoy these wheeled chairs with a base order quantity of 1 chair. Other wheelchair decisions are documented below:

  • There are 2 variants of fixed backrest and reclining back.
  • Lightweight aluminum folding frame.
  • The seesaw is height and tilt adjustable and the footrest is removable.
  • Raise a wheel fitted with a rigid elastic tire to an approximate 60 cm.
  • Works quickly and without bans.
  • Rexine chair and backrest.
  • Self-propelled ring.
  • Swinging handrail.
  • Rotate the front wheel 20 cm.

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Medical Equipments at Home by AVIZ

All Medical Equipments – Affordable and Accessible

Whether it's the smallest machines like pulse oximeters or larger versions of ventilators, AVIZ gives you all the medical equipment at an affordable price.

You can get oxygen tanks, oxygen generators, life monitoring systems, ventilators, hospital beds, wheelchairs, air mattresses, infusion pumps, suction machines, and more.

AVIZ offers you the facility to buy and/or rent medical equipment with just a call or a simple click. In the midst of medically challenging times in your life, you may have to depend on different devices for your home medical care.

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